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Multi Adjustable Bench J-037A

Multi Adjustable Bench J-037A

Home Use Fitness&Body Building Gym Exercise Equipments Multi-Adjustable Bench.

The  Adjustable Bench introduces a new decline setting to go along with the 50+ seat and back-rest position combinations from the popular. Ideally suited for dynamic training or for gyms serving multiple athletes, this compact, a rare combination of sturdiness and maneuverability, with boundless customization options.

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Product Description:

The Bench is built in Rizhao, and is a direct descendent of the time-tested Nebula 1080 Utility Bench. This design features an updated spine construction that allows for the connection of a telescoping foot catch assembly. The foot catch locks firmly into place using a pop pin, and sets the user up for movements including the decline bench, decline dumbbell press, and decline sit-ups, among others.




Black, Silver

  • Adapted from the Nebula 1080 "Awesome" Utility Bench
  • Includes NEW Decline Bench feature
  • 6 Adjustable Seat Settings
  • 9 Adjustable Back Pad Settings

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