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Warrior Shaker - 700ml

Warrior Shaker - 700ml

Warrior Protein Shaker - 700ml

Brand new addition to the Warrior range, Warrior is now known world wide and have had a huge demand for clothing and gym accessories to kick it off here is the shaker! Get one of these added to your cart as a must have in your gym kit!

Perfect for mixing any of your powdered supplements, max capacity of 700ml (600ml highest measurable mark) to the brim so plenty of space to fit you

It will be back in stock soon

Warrior Protein Shaker - 700ml

In every single shaker comes a mesh ball, this design has made mixing of shakes that much easier - creating a smooth lump free shake without the aid of an electric blender.

A clear body design with black lid and black Warrior logo - simple and effective.

The perfect tool to mix up your Warrior Rage!

Warrior Protein Shaker - 700ml

  • BPA Free
  • Dish Washer Safe
  • The shaker holds 700ml of liquid to the brim of the container.

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